The Truth About the Pentagram

The PentagramContrary  to popular belief, the Pentagram does not symbolize satanism. The pentagram resembles a human figure with spirit being the most imporant. It is a symbol of protection, and the points of the enclosed star are symbolic of the elements.

  • Spiritrepresents the All and the Divine. (top point)
  • Airrepresents intelligence and the arts. (left point)
  • Earthrepresents stability and physical endurance. (bottom left point)
  • Firerepresents courage and daring. (bottom right point)
  • Waterrepresents emotions and intuition(right point).
  • The circle around the star symbolizes the unity of all the points.
  • The Pentagram dates back as far as 3500BC and was a common symbol once used by many different organizations and religions, including Christians, Hebrew, Freemasonry and The Knights Templar.
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