Hiding Behind Religion…

040205gay_marriage_ruling.jpgWhy do opponents of gay marriage always reference the bible in an attempt to make their argument? Do they assume everyone lives their lives according to their interpretation of bible? They often go as far as to say that gay marriage is unnatural purely because it can’t produce children. What about infertile couples, couples who’ve agreed not to have children. How about the elderly? Should they be prohibited to marry as well? Should contraception be outlawed so as to ensure that married couples can continue to go forth and multiply? Of course not. This would immediately be recognized as outrageous and a violation of basic human rights. Obviously, this argument is based solely on prejudice directed at the gay community.

Marriage is a personal choice and a right. If couples are in love then the decision to marry belongs to them and not to any state or government. Gays and lesbians want the same legal rights as heterosexuals. They want the right to make decisions regarding medical care for their partners. They want the right to adopt their partner’s children as their own. They want all the same rights as heterosexual couples. Nothing more and nothing less. The government does not dictate who can get a civil marriage license nor does it control which religions can perform marriages. But it does violate the rights of religious, same-sex couples to say that others’ religious beliefs can keep them from legally marrying.

Marriage as we know it today was not always the norm. According to English and American laws, women did not have the legal right to be their own child’s legal guardian – their legal mother – until the 19th century. Until the late ’60’s it was common in many states for legal marriage to exclude interracial couples.  So the argument to keep marriages traditional and not legalize gay marriage doesn’t exactly make anymore sense than banning marriage between races or treat women as personal property.  It’s time to progress and move forward instead of hiding behind religion. Let’s call it what it is. It’s discrimination plain and simple.

One thought on “Hiding Behind Religion…

  1. It seems marriage is an awkward institution. Originally religious with a meaning relating to that religion, it has taken on a more secular meaning over the latter course of the 20th century. But it is not clear to me in secular terms what people mean when the talk about marriage – a legal status?

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