Where’s The Love?

holidays_occasions_bride_groom_together_1847909.jpgWhy is it when you’re first dating someone you’re both on your best behavior? You use phrases like, “You complete me”, “You ‘get’ me” (whatever that means) and “I’ve finally found my soul mate”. You talk for hours on the phone and never run out of things to say. A relationship would never progress past the honeymoon stage if we actually allowed our new mate to know the true us from the start.  But you’re bound to see some irritating behaviors shortly after the initial newness of the relationship wears off. These are undoubtedly things that will drive you nuts a few months down the road. And, no, your mate will not change and you can not change them.

 If half of all marriages end in divorce then does true love even exist? I always thought marriage was an unnatural and odd concept anyway. You take two people, with seperate backgrounds, unique family dynamics and often two completely different ways of looking at life and love and then expect them to coexist on a daily basis. And if a marriage ends, it’s almost always the woman who suffers financially. A high percentage of women will plunge below the poverty level if her marriage ends in divorce. And with the high cost of divorce (legal fees, time in court, custody issues, etc) the only people getting rich are the divorce attorneys.

To this day there is still evidence of antiquated ideas tied to the marriage ceremony, clearly favoring the husband’s side. The symbolic “giving away” of the bride by her father and  the groom removing the bride’s garter as a symbol of her virginity and as a public display of his claim to both her and her sexuality just to name two. We won’t even mention the honor and obey insult. No wonder why it’s referred to as the “institution” of marriage”  

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