I’m Gonna Be A Nanny and Swim In the C-Ment Pond.


I am leaving the comfortable safety of my home tomorrow for New York City. Well, Scarsdale in Westchester County to be exact. Why? I’ve decided to accept a nanny position. My town is so poor and depressed that it’s just about impossible to find a well-paying job, let alone any sort of job at all. I’m tired of working at menial jobs. About the only thing I haven’t done yet is work at a fast food “restaurant”. And, at this point in my life that’s not something I want to be doing. But that would have been my next step had I remained. It’s sad when you have to leave your home to earn money to support yourself and a family.

I intend to keep a journal of my adventures in being a nanny. Hopefully I’ll have some clever and inspirational things to write. I thought about calling it “The Nanny Diaries”, but of course that’s already been taken. So I’ll have to think of another title.

For now I will be living in the Hamptons with my “new family” because they are spending the remainder of the Summer at their weekend house. I’ve been told it has 5 bedrooms, so it must be quite large. For the rest of the year my duties will take place at the family home in Scarsdale. The family seems nice. Extremely priviledged. I’m nice, but poor. I’m hoping that I can somehow feel comfortable in my new environment. I keep telling myself they’re not adopting me, just hiring me. So it’s okay to be on a different social level. That doesn’t make me any less of a person.

 The family is of a different religion than I am. I don’t think the mom understands my tattoos. Especially my reference to my “lives” instead of “life”. She asked me about it and I sheepishly explained I believe in reincarnation. I wish I could be more assertive when it comes to explaining my beliefs. She sort of looked surprised, but didn’t really comment. She seems open enough not to judge. This is good because I am pretty unconventional.

The children are typical children. Active, bright, etc. But I get a sense their mom is a strict disciplinarian. I am not. I have always been very lax and lenient. It’s beginning to feel a bit like “Wife Swap”. I wonder if I could get a reality show out of this gig. I don’t think the other mom would want to swap with me. Somehow I don’t see her living here happily. Although the thought is pretty funny.

It’s really going to bug me that I can’t post while I’m away. Writing is therapeutic. I won’t have my computer and I don’t even know if they have the internet at their weekend home. Although I’d be willing to bet they do. If they have a computer and the internet I’ll continue to post. Otherwise I’ll write again when I come back on the 25th. I have to be here for the 28th because I’m going to see Linkin’ Park at the NY State Fair. I mentioned this to my new employer and she didn’t even know who Linkin’ Park was. Hmmm…guess the other half does live differently.

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