Believe Or Go To Hell…


I once belonged to the Assemblies of God Church. For those who don’t know about this particular religion, it’s a Pentacostal religion. The world’s largest Pentacostal denomination. Evangelism in all its glory. Smoking, drinking and swearing are strickly prohibited. Speaking in tongues is common. My kids said it sounded like gibberish and they were often scared during service. The pastor often yelled to make his point. The Assemblies of God church teaches that only those who accept Jesus as their lord and saviour will go to heaven and there is a final judgement for those “lost souls” who have rejected Christ.

I never felt comfortable there. It always felt wrong and “off” to me. Maybe it was the hypocritical way the pastor lived his life. Once during a sermon he thanked god for “inventing VCR’s” so he could record the Sunday football game. Thank god for that? Seemed an odd thing to thank god for. Or maybe it was the pastor’s 17 year old daughter who gave the pastor and his family less credibility. This young girl became pregnant by an adult church member and then became pregnant again shortly after by her boyfriend. Hypocrisy at its finest. They explained it away by saying it was the devil’s temptations at work. How convenient to have something to blame your mistakes and indiscretions on.

When I suffered a miscarriage the pastor told me it was god’s will. Perhaps my baby would have become a murderer and god decided to do away with him before birth. He actually said this. I was devastated. When my Grandpa died I was told that he’d go to “hell” and not “heaven” because he hadn’t accepted Jesus into his heart. This wonderful man, one of the best people I’ve known was going to hell? I couldn’t accept this. It was at this point I decided to leave this church and have never looked back. The Assemblies of God Church says that there is a “book of life” where god has recorded all his worthy believers. And so I suppose my name will be missing from that book.

One thought on “Believe Or Go To Hell…

  1. Well, not to seem harsh but according to the Bible your name will be missing from it if you never chose to accept Christ as your personal savior. However, just leaving the AoG church isn’t grounds for that not to be the case. If you actually belonged to the church, it means you had to profess that faith in Christ, so therefore you won’t be heading to hell. Sorry to disappoint you there. 🙂

    However…the “Book of Life” isn’t something made up by the AoG. That’s in the Bible itself.

    I am sorry about your grandfather and it sounds like some people brought to you the painful truth about him at a time when it wasn’t right to do so. Too many Christians rush into their “ultra religious” mode instead of showing love and compassion along with the truth. If you read the Bible during your time at that church then you know when people said your Grandpa wasn’t in heaven it was based on the Word of God. As much as we may want to change it, we can’t change it. I have some people I’ve known who never accepted Christ and I believe they are in hell regardless of how good they were on Earth. I don’t like it one bit but I can’t change it.

    It sounds to me like there were some serious problems in that church you attended. I know you may want to lash out at them because of the horrible treatment you received at the time of your miscarriage and it would be perfectly understandable. However, I’d encourage you to perhaps try and take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.

    For example, was the reference to the VCR just a joke he told as part of the sermon? Pastors are allowed to use humor. 🙂

    All Christians are hypocrites. I know that I certainly am one. The problem comes where Christians won’t admit they’re not perfect and that’s why Christ came to die for them. We strive for that perfect knowing that we can never reach it as long as we’re on this earth. We’ll all make mistakes…like that 17 year old girl that you held up for scorn in your blog…and we all need to have grace and mercy shown to us. The temptations they blamed things on isn’t just a “convenient” thing…it’s the truth. They may have been using that truth to delude themselves the problem wasn’t bigger than it really was but it’s still truth.

    Again, I’m sorry you were hurt by that church. If what you’ve written here is true then they were very wrong in their actions toward you. Just realize there’s a Jesus who’s bigger than any man-made denomination like the AoG. (And I’m former AoG just like you.)

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