What Would You Do If You Knew Someone Had Committed Murder? A Moral Dilemma.


What would you do if you knew a family member had killed someone? You know this because, one night, when she was drunk, she confessed what she did. It was an accident she says. She had too much to drink, ran a red light and hit some homeless man on a city street. “He was homeless, for Christ’s sake”, she says, “Nobody’ll miss him anyway.” What kind of logic is this? Is a man’s life any less valuable because he has no home, nowhere to go and no one who’ll miss him?

Would you tell her to go to the police and confess? If she refuses, do you report her yourself? This is a loved one. A family member. A murder confession would destoy her life. Change everything as you both know it. If you had to testify in court could you do it? You know she drinks too much. She already hit someone’s dog while driving drunk and now she’s graduated to killing people. Suppose she’s tried and convicted and receives a harsh sentence. How would you feel to see her taken off to jail?

Would you realize she’s the one who put herself in this position? She’s the one who must face what she’s done? She’s the one who decided to unload her guilt and chose you to unload on? Or would you keep quiet and pretend you never knew? Could you live with yourself?

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