Wicca and The Devine Powers of The God and Goddess.


Wiccans recognize the two equal but opposite divine powers of the Goddess and the God. We have more of a partnership with the God and Goddess and do not worship them as in the Christian religion. It is also common to commune with past deities, relating to perhaps Athena, Isis, Venus, Apollo, Adonis, Pan, Zues, just to name a few.

Because of the recognition of the female aspect of the Diety, Wicca is an extremely appealing religion to women. Some covens do not even invoke the God in their rituals. However, this type of “Goddess only” religion is unbalanced just as a “God only” religion is. Wicca recognizes the equality of both men and women, unlike Chrisitanity, which historically reserves positions of authority for men only. Christianity also holds men higher in society and in the family structure. A very unappealing concept for enlightened women. Wiccans recognize sexual behavior as a gift from the Goddess where as Christians view sexual behavior in a negative and restrictive way. Many Christians still believe that sex is solely for the purpose of procreation and not an act to enjoy and be comfortable with. Devout Catholics are forbidden to practice forms of birth control because of this belief.

Conservative Christians consider any form of sexual behavior that is not between opposite gender couples who are married to be an abomination of god. In other words, they preach that sex between two women or two men is sinful and immoral. Wiccans, on the other hand, accept all sexual orientations as moral and natural. Wicca as a religious practice is a much more free-thinking religion than most other religions. It is becoming one of the fastest growing religions in the country, but unfortunately, there is still so much ignorance and misinterpretation surrounding Wicca. Despite all the misinformation we are content to have our beliefs and enjoy the empowerment of it.   


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