Spell Casting and The Book of Shadows.


It’s interesting to me that many younger people, particularly females, are coming to Wicca with only the “spell” aspect in mind. There is so much more to Wicca than spell casting. The practitioner must know what she’s doing because energy is a very powerful force and it’s unwise to use it foolishly.

The concept of spell casting is no mystery. Many religions advocate prayer to bring upon blessings. Young girls make colorful string bracelets as symbols of friendship, with hopes that it will forge a stronger bond. Wishing upon a star is a perfectly acceptable way to bring luck and love into our lives. The truth is there is energy all around us.  Spells  are the words that are spoken, but the energy is what sends the spell out into the universe. The power of the spell is within the magician or witch, who builds up the energy and lets it go at the precise time so it can perform its intended purpose.

Spells are not necessarily found in ancient books or any store-bought book. The most effective spells are those written personally by the spell caster. And if the spell is rythmical then all the better. Many solitary Witches and Witch Covens have what are called a Book of Shadows. A solitary Witch is a Witch who practices the craft alone and a coven is a group of Witches, usually limited to 13 members. This is a book that is written and added to on an ongoing basis by either the Coven or the Solitary. It’s not a mysterious writing, but a place to record all of your magical work. It is not a place to put thoughts and feelings because these things are more suitable for a journal. Your Book of Shadows is your own personal reference book for your unique path as a Witch.  Books of Shadows are almost never shared or loaned out. They are, however often written with the intention of handing them down at some point to the next generation. Which is another reason to leave out personal thoughts and feelings. A good Book of Shadows contains the moon phases and which spells work better at which phase, information on the Sabbats (the eight seasonal holy days corresponding to former pagan seasonal festivals), information on The God and The Goddess, Magical recipes, meditations and a copy of The Wiccan Rede. As your experience grows so will your Book of Shadows. You’ll want to record each and every spell you cast and its results. It would be disheartening if you’ve cast a successful spell and have forgotten the ingredients you’ve used because you didn’t write it down. A Book of Shadows can be a massive handmade wooden book or it can be as simple as a writing tablet. It’s all up to you. Remember you can always “trade up” later and transfer your information to another Book.

 It is true that spells work with energy and energy means power. Power is neither positive nor negative. It is the intention of the spell caster that makes a spell “good” or “evil” and that determines whether the spell will be helpful or harmful. That’s where morality comes in. Most practitioners understand and follow the Wiccan Rede (Ye Harm, Do What Ye Will) and do not perform any spells to manipulate, hurt or kill anyone. This is why love spells break this important rule. Most love spells are a form of manipulation. Casting a spell to bring love into one’s life is fine. Casting a spell to make a specific person fall in love with you is not. This would involve manipulation of another person. Casting a spell to harm an enemy is negative magic and violates Wiccan beliefs. Using negative energy and spell crafting is harmful to you, to your intended subject and, more importantly, to the Earth and all its goodness.

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2 thoughts on “Spell Casting and The Book of Shadows.

  1. I’ve been enjoying your entries about Wicca and have learned a lot so far. It is something that I know little about. It has made me curious though. I understand what drove you *away* from Christianity/Catholicism, but what led you to Wicca?
    As someone struggling with the idea of rejecting the faith in which I was brought up, I am very curious as to what leads others down a new path. 🙂

  2. Merry Meet!
    Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments. I, like many people once had a very distorted view of Wicca and Witchcraft. So many movies and books portray Wicca rather ignorantly, leading people to believe it’s a sinister, demonic cult with members performing bloody sacrifices to offer up to the “Devil”. After much research I came to a better understanding of the religion of Wicca. As far as being driven away from Christianity, I had always been frustrasted with it, as it completely ignores the Goddess aspect of religion. Any religion that dismisses the forces of both The God and The Goddess, in my opinion is one-sided and misinformed. Wiccans celebrate the opposite but equal aspects of the Universal power of both The God and Goddess. The fact that Wiccans are content in their knowledge and do not feel the need to impose their beliefs and man-made doctrine or to point to a book written by mortals is self-impowering. I believe Christianity is nothing more than another way to control others by leading them to believe that if they do not accept a mortal prophet as a “lord and saviour” they’ll go to “hell”. Teaching the concept of heaven and hell is just another way to scare people into following blindly in order to keep them in line. I also had a need to feel a personal connection with a higher power and felt very restricted by having a mortal as a sort of “go between” (priest, pastor, etc.) in order to commune with this higher power. The idea that there is energy all around us and the fact that we all have the ability to embrace this power, strengthen it within ourselves and then set it free to perform its intended purpose is quite important and appealing to me. And, as a Virgo, an Earth sign, a reverence of the Earth and all its treasures is, to me, a valuable part of the Wiccan religion. Thanks again for your comments and I hope to share more information with you to help you on your path to understanding and embracing the Wiccan religion.

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