Mother and Daughter


My daughter is 19 and entering her second year at college. She still calls me Mommy regardless of who’s around and she always gives me a “mwaaa” before she hangs up the phone or leaves the house. Yesterday was my birthday. First thing in the morning, my daughter greeted me with “happy birthday” and a kiss. Later she took me out to eat and surprised me with a trip to a little boutique and bought me a Vera Bradley purse. I couldn’t ask for a more affectionate and sweet little girl.

Mothers and daughters have a special bond. Sure there are times of conflict and we don’t always see eye to eye. The mother/daughter relationship will remain strong throughout life if, like most any other relationship, it continues to be nurtured. Things like creating new traditions, talking to each other, showing appreciation, learning new things together, etc. are all ways to strengthen the bond. My daughter and I always make Christmas cookies together. That’s become a mother/daugher tradition for us. We’re able to discuss just about any subject or issue. Most recently we’ve been heading outdoors with our cameras to take photos. Even with our hectic schedules we still find the time to call each other and catch up on events.

Mother/daughter relationships are probably the most important, powerful and influential bonds in a woman’s life. My relationship with my daughter wasn’t and still isn’t always conflict-free. We’ve hit some bumpy roads along the way. That’s part of becoming an adult, testing limits and deciding who you are. Even relationships filled with conflict can be learning experiences. Rocky mother/daughter relationships can still lead to growth and insight and ultimately a closer bond.

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2 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter

  1. That is great that mothers and daughters have such a great relationship. Mine isn’t too good with my mom lately, but I’m sure it will pass…And all will be ok

    Happy birthday lady. All the best.

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