H.S. Football in a Small Town


Varsity H.S. Football started today. We Central New Yorkers take our high school football very seriously. Well, maybe not as seriously as Texans do, but pretty darn close. I go to most of my son’s games. Last year I wasn’t always able to go because I was working at WalMart and Sam isn’t always too happy to give you a day off, even for family reasons (my manager wouldn’t even let me have the day off for my daughter’s high school graduation, but that’s another story).

I went to an inner city high school in Brooklyn and wasn’t exposed to the small town activities and festivities my children have. Homecoming, bon fires, powder puff, float contests…if we had these things in Brooklyn then I didn’t know about them. I would have known about the bon fires of course. Growing up in a small town is wonderful. At least I appreciate it. When my ex and I decided to move Upstate from NYC it was because we wanted to start a family and raise our kids in a different environment than we had been raised. This was 21 years ago. I remember at the time I said, “watch, we’ll move upstate and the kids will feel like they’re missing something and want to move down to the city”. Well guess what…that’s exactly what happened.

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