A Word (Or Three) On Hillary Clinton


And now a word, actually three words, on Hillary Clinton: Can’t Stand Her. I’d vote for Hillary Duff before I’d vote for Hillary Clinton. Now, why would I say something like that about my very own New York State Senator? Well, for one, I, like many other women, would have had much more respect for her if she had kicked that philandering liar, Bill, to the curb. We’re supposed to believe that staying with Bill was a political decision she made on his behalf? Please…the decision to “stand by her man” was only meant to preserve her own political career.

 Ms. Rodam Clinton is a political, social and moral phony. Just recently, when she addressed a group of African-Americans in a Selma, Alabama church, Hillary suddenly adopted a pronounced Southern accent. This was clearly a desperate ploy to attempt to connect with her audience. Does she think the African-American community is so ignorant that they can’t see an opportunistic white woman talking down to them?

We are suddenly expected to believe Ms. Clinton (is it Rodam Clinton or just Clinton or does it just depend upon what mood Hillary is in or what audience she’s speaking to?) has turned away from her college days as an ultra-liberal to a now more moderate political view?

At one point, in the ’90’s, Hillary made the ridiculous statement that she “could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas”, but instead she pursued her political and career goals. Oh no she di-int! Them’s fightin’ words missy. Want to lose the women’s vote much? And writing her autobiography, “Living History”, was a thinly veiled attempt to prevent damage control when the questions hit the proverbial fan. This way she doesn’t have to answer any questions, she can just tell us all to go read the book.

So, let’s recap: Hillary has a phony marriage, phony political views, a phony accent and a misguided view of women (although I’m pretty sure she is one). I, for one, don’t want a flaky fake in the position of making major political decisions in the midst of a global war on terrorism. Bill…quick…get me my book so I know what decision I’m supposed to make now and get off that intern!

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