Mosh Pit Injuries At The Fair…


I recently went to the highly publicized “Projekt Revolution Tour” at the New York State Fair. To be quite honest, I wasn’t the least bit interested in any of the bands besides Linkin’ Park and waited most of the day for them to go on. During the wait we were entertained by other popular bands, two of which were “My Chemical Romance” and “Taking Back Sunday”. Not my thing, but they both put on a pretty specular show. From where I sat I had an excellent view of the stage and of an extremely active mosh pit. For those who don’t know what a mosh pit is, it’s an area created within the crowd where concert goers can dance aggressively. This dancing includes shoving, slamming and even head butting. I don’t understand it, but it’s apparently popular with some of the kids. The height of the moshing occured during the “My Chemical Romance” performance.

First off, the standing room only section was so overcrowded, I wondered how long it would take for the audience to start dropping like flies in the extreme heat and blazing sun. Unfortunately, I was correct and several people had to be administered medical attention by area ambulance personnel. Then, to make matters worse, the fair director had sectioned off an area solely for the purpose of moshing, which created more crowding in the rest of the area. Eventually, approximately 15 people (depending on who’s telling the story – concert goers or the fair director) were injured, many with broken bones and concussions. The standing room only audience didn’t make matters any better by “crowd surfing” which means being tossed around above the crowd in order to get up as close to the stage as possible. This caused other people to be kicked in the face and head. Security’s only response was to take the surfers at the end of the crowd, deposit them off to the side and tell them to go back into the audience.

So this leads me to ask if mosh pits should be done away with completely? First of all, concert producers, bands and vendors make excellent profits from concert and various other sales. The cost for this particular concert ranged upwards of $60, an average price for concert tickets. Add to the fact that a hot dog and soda costs over $10.00 and the average souvenier t- shirt sells for $40 and we’re talking big bucks. For that kind of money I expect the environment to be safe and well organized. Allowing spectators to beat the hell out of each other, endangering themselves and those around them is totally irresponsible. If these kids were beating each other in the streets they’d be arrested. Why is it acceptable behavior because it’s at a concert?

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One thought on “Mosh Pit Injuries At The Fair…

  1. I’m doing a Discussion on Mosh Pit injuries & thought that I’d do some research since I didn’t know much about it. Very good blog–well written! Got just the right info I was searching for–and the added opinions with it (which mirror mine completely as well! Thanks.

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