12 Head Scratchers and Anger Inducers


These are just a few of the things that bug me and make me scratch my head. What bugs you? 

**I started out with 10, but have added 2 more. I will add as many as necessary as long as people continue to do and say dumb things**

1. Driving along at a nice pace, with no one behind me for miles and some moron pulls out in front of me and then crawls at an infuriating 20 miles an hour. 

2. Going to the movies and someone kicking the back of my seat the whole time. 

3. Going to the movies and being forced to sit through 20 minutes or more of trailers. What ever happened to “Chilly Willy” anyway?

4. Paying good money for a meal and in return receive poor service, a seat near the bathroom and lousy, cold food.

5.  Shopping in a store, ready to spend good money and ending up wandering around for days trying to find a salesperson to help me.

6. People who allow their brats to scream uncontrollably when they can’t get what they want in a store. This makes me want to slap the parent. Take the kid outside, deposit him/her in your car and go home. I don’t want to hear it. 

7. Being put on hold for hours only to be transferred to several other people who can’t help me or punching numbers into my phone a hundred times and still never talking to a real, live person.

8. People who talk too loud on their cell phones in public places and people who wear those stupid bluetooth headsets that make them look like they’re talking to themselves.

9. People who use the expression : “I thought to myself”. Who else are you going to think to? Unless you have telepathic  abilities you can’t “think to” anyone else.

10. People who use the expression: “Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. What good is the cake if you can’t eat it?

11. People who say “nother” when they mean other. “that’s a whole nother story”. You mean “that’s a whole other story”. Using nother just makes you sound ignorant.

12. People who use the word “irregardless”. There’s no such word. It’s “regardless”. I’ve heard some otherwise intelligent people use this word.

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