Confessions of a Runaway Nanny: Mrs. S. and Her Nanny Search Profile.


I couldn’t resist. I just had to share Mrs. S’s nanny search profile. Take note of the extensive  background requirement. Mrs. S. did none of these. I know this because she never asked for my social security number and had no way of getting it. Since Mrs. S. put me in the same bedroom as her 2 boys it is a darn good thing I’m not a convicted child molester. I certainly didn’t have my own bathroom. I shared a lockless kiddie bathroom with a transparent shower curtain, and, yes, one of the boys walked in on me while I was showering. I was also forced to dress in the bathroom since I had no privacy in my shared bedroom.The housekeeper who does “the BIG cleaning” never existed or perhaps she was hiding from Mrs. S. the whole time I was there. As for the “loving parents” I did not see one display of affection from Mrs. S. towards any of the children. I emailed the nanny service to advise them that Mrs. S’s profile is in no way honest or truthful. They responded by telling me they’d “look into it and put a notation in the family’s file”, whatever that means. So, obviously this woman will continue to scam unsuspecting nannies. As for pay…to this date I have not received one dime from Mrs. S. even after emailing her asking her to do the right thing and pay me for my time and expenses. She has yet to respond to my email.

I am looking for a

Permanent nanny (one willing to work 6 months or more)
I prefer a Live in
I need someone to work Full-time Monday-Friday
I am paying the following full-time weekly salary $501 or more per week
I need someone who can start to work on 8/28/2007
I have the following number of children Three children
My child(ren) are the following age(s) School-age
My family is the following At home parent (working or not)
My family lives in A suburb of a large city
My family is Non-Smoking
I prefer a Non-smoker
I need a nanny who drives Yes
This job Requires that the nanny own a car
On this job there is Light travel
I would like my nanny to do the following tasks Light housekeeping
Cook for the children
The family laundry
The child’s laundry
Run errands
Grocery shopping
Tidy up kitchen
Help with homework
I offer the following accommodations Private room
Private bath
Family’s Experience Level Requirements
I would like someone who has the following amount of paid child-related experience 2 years or more full-time paid experience
I am looking for someone with the following experience Babysitting experience
Daycare center
Part-time nanny job
Preschool teacher
Full-time nanny job
Certified teacher
I prefer that my nanny has experience with the following age groups of children Young school-age
I prefer a nanny who has the following experience or interests Musical abilities
Tutor child
Arts and crafts
Computer literate
Driving experience in a large city
Lived away from home for more than 6 months
Special Needs child
I would like the nanny to provide the following Work references
Social Security Number verification
Drivers record printout
Personal references
Criminal record search
Medical Testing
About the Family
I would like my nanny to have the following characteristics Warm & loving
Upbeat & positive
Well organized
Quiet & reserved
I would like my nanny to have the following level of education High school graduate
More information about my family
We are happy and lively and high spirited. The three children, ages, 5,7 and 8 are each totally different from one another. They are sweet and kind and smart, and open-hearted. I like a slightly more formal form of child-rearing– respectful, old fashioned, polite. I like an organized, neat, clean home. My husband and I are very affectionate with our children and they in turn are loving.
I am looking for the following in a nanny
We are looking for someone who is a good role model, who is kind and fun, but also very responsible, organized, self motivated, neat, and clean. We want someone who can see herself as a parent surrogate when we are not there, and who can help share our values with our children. We would like some housekeeping, mainly keeping the kitchen in order, doing all the household laundry, and cleaning up after the kids..but not exclusively kid cleaning. we have a housekeeper for BIG cleaning, but want the nanny to be willing to pitch in to keep the house nice and neat.


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