I Am Christian. Hear Me Bore…


Okay. So maybe the title is a little harsh. I grew up Catholic. I was bored. Sit, stand, kneel, sit, stand, kneel. You get the picture. I just remember blindly following the priest’s directions and monotonous drone. I was proud I could regurgitate the entire mass, but now realize I had no idea what I was repeating. The concept of accepting the host as the body of Christ was completely lost on me. Maybe the nuns weren’t doing their jobs during our Wednesday catechism lessons. They were too busy slapping us for major infractions. I got slapped for not facing forward. Being “married” to god must entitle you to abuse small children. But, all I knew was I would be making my first holy communion and I’d get to wear a miniature wedding gown and get money. How many people follow a religious doctrine without having any idea what they mean or represent?

Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Thou shalt not do just about anything. I wouldn’t kill anyone and my own personal set of ethics prohibits me from stealing. I don’t intend to covet my neighbor’s wife either. Why do they bother telling you what not to do if it’s just going to be forgiven once you ask it to be? The only unforgivable sin is suicide. And that’s only because you’re dead and can’t ask for anything.

Now that I’m older, I’ve completely left the church. I am by no means a follower of any organized religion. I prefer to think for myself. I do not follow any man-made doctrine. I’ve seen too many cases of people who call themselves “religious” but just end up proving themselves to be hypocrites. Priests who molest children, evangelical leaders who frequent prostitues, etc. Christians often make excuses and put the blame on other entities, never accepting responsibilty for their actions. When life is going well and “prayers” are answered, Christians claim it’s through the grace of god. But when they slip up and commit “sins” they can say “the devil made me do it”. How convenient to have something else to point to. I prefer to be responsible for my own actions and live by my own set of values and morals.


2 thoughts on “I Am Christian. Hear Me Bore…

  1. ” I prefer to be responsible for my own actions…..”

    If only all christians would see things that way! Thank you for your honesty. It truely reminds me that I am called to a “higher standard”, and I need to be responsible for my actions.
    Thanks again,

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