Laundry Day…


My washer died months ago and I keep saying I’ll get a new one. There isn’t much laundry now since my two older children are away at college and somehow I just can’t seem to justify buying a washer at this point. This saves me money on water and electric I tell myself.

Anyway, when I got to the laundromat there was no one there, so I quickly took my camera out of my car and snapped this picture. I turned the picture into a sepia tone from color and loved the old-time feel. I really like the way the picture captured the small town look of the laundromat.

2 thoughts on “Laundry Day…

  1. The picture is fantastic. As masochistic as it sounds, I miss going to the laudramat…it was a good way to get away from everything else…no phone, no apartment chores, nothing but the tumbling and whirring.

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