The Last First Day of School…

Today was the first day of school after a seemingly short Summer. My son got up to his alarm, dressed quickly, fixed his hair just so and said, “toodles” on his way out the door. After a second or so he opened the door again, popped his head in and said, “Mom, this is my very last first day of school”. And it hit me. My baby is entering his senior year of High School. No more parent/teacher conferences, no school concerts, spirit nights, proms, dances, valentine’s day cards, artwork brought home slightly crinkled, no more school pictures, no report cards. This is it. My two oldest are already in college and that was difficult enough. But I still had the baby of the family home with me.

Wow. I know this is cliche, but where did the time go? What happened to the little baby I rocked in my arms? The toddler who scrambled to catch up with his older brother and sister? The little seven year old who was so determined to play Pop Warner Football and hit ’em as hard as he could? Where was I when my kids were growing? Was I too busy to notice? I remember when they were little and arguing about almost everything I used to say that the only thing keeping me from strangling them was that one day they’d all be grown and I’d be alone in a quiet house and miss those days terribly. Now, that time is just about here. I guess this is the beginning of empty nest syndrome.

2 thoughts on “The Last First Day of School…

  1. From one Virgo to another, I totally enjoyed reading your blog. You sound like a sharp, interesting, very unbitter lady. 🙂
    Keep up the good work.

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