Yes, Alternative Medicine Works No Matter What the Medical Community Says…


I got drawn into an extremely heated debate when I commented on a recent post. I had the audacity to defend my belief that alternative medicines are effective and really do work. Well…you would have thought I ran over someone’s cat. It actually escalated to personal attacks on my intelligence. Hmmm…perhaps I hit a nerve. Apparently one is not allowed to express one’s own opinion if it differs from either the blogger or those who comment on the post. Those of us who practice Wicca, folk magick, etc. (and I know there are many of you because I can tell from the response to my own posts) should take exception to the remarks that alternative medicines do not work. Clicking on the link below will help you have a better understanding of the benefits of holistic/alternative medicines. This website is extremely informative with regards to holistic/homeopathic and “alternative” medicines and healings. A wonderful woman maintains the site and I’m sure you’ll find her information helpful and invaluable when exploring your path to enlightenment! 

***Please note: As you can see from this post, I am in no way continuing my debate on whether alternative medicine is effective, legitimate or “woo-woo”. I am simply giving my FEELINGS with regards to the responses I rec’d on the other post. MY FEELINGS ARE JUST THAT. My post is simply meant to direct people to an alternate point of view on alternative medicine: i.e. Please don’t send me argumentative comments because I won’t even bother to answer them. I have my OWN OPINIONS on the subject. If you have your own opinions write your own post. This post is not an attempt to continue a debate.

5 thoughts on “Yes, Alternative Medicine Works No Matter What the Medical Community Says…

  1. Do you think if you write long enough and beat me over the head with your views I’ll suddenly agree with you? I know how you feel about the subject. You know how I feel about it and neither one of us are going to change our beliefs.

  2. You are absolute correct in your views, expressed in this blog. I am practitioner of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Unani and I admit that Complementary works and works, if given intelligently.

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