Bully Bloggers

Have you ever noticed that some people think if they talk long enough, or in the case of blog comments – write long enough, they will convince us they’re right and we’re wrong? Why is it so important for people to feel validated by other people? I think it’s kind of sad that some people cannot be content in having their own beliefs and have an overwhelming urge to bully others into thinking like them. If you believe in something strongly enough then that should be sufficient. Writing long, big, ponderous words are not going to sway people from their own convictions. Personal attacks on the intelligence of other bloggers are certainly not going to change someone’s mind. It only succeeds in proving one is an immature child who is merely upset because he hasn’t gotten his way. Blogging should continue to be a place where one is able to put their own feelings, thoughts and ideas into writing and if others would like to “share” their own views then great, but that’s where it should stop. My ideas, thoughts and feelings are just that, MY ideas, thoughts and feelings. They belong to me and NO ONE can say whether they are wrong or right. No one should be ridiculed for having their own thoughts. Unfortunately, not every blogger understands this concept. Fortunately, most WordPress bloggers understand and respect the point of view of other bloggers. There are however, some Bully Bloggers out there who still don’t get it.


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