Confessions of a Runaway Nanny – Attempting to Be Paid…


Okay, so as I mentioned before, Mrs. S. had made no attempt to pay me. She had my phone number and certainly had a way to get in touch with me. I emailed her, asking to do the right thing and hadn’t received an answer. I had invested time and money working for this woman and deserved to be compensated for it. I was forced to take a more firm stance, so I emailed her again yesterday. I told her she had no right withholding my wages, regardless of how the job had ended. I also told her she had left me no choice but to file a complaint with New York State’s Department of Labor Standards. I had already printed the online form, filled it out and was ready to submit it to the state. As a last ditch effort I emailed Mrs. S. and politely told her my intentions. This got her attention and she suddenly sent a swift reply. She sent a couple of rambling emails back and I have printed them here. These include my orginal emails and her responses. Of course I am leaving out her name and email address. Other than that I have not altered the emails in any way.

Since the gist of the email correspondence revolves mainly on the living arrangements I wanted to address this: Prior to accepting the position, I had called her and told her I was concerned about the privacy issue and she assured me I would have a private space. Since this was a phone call there is no way for me to prove this. Although she speaks of a “nanny room” at her Scarsdale home, she had “illegal nanny” in there before I arrived for our initial meeting. She took me downstairs to the finished basement and showed me the open-concept floorplan. The space was designed for the children, playing area, physical therapy area (complete with padded floor for the children to play rambunctously downstairs, the famous arts and crafts area and other undivided rooms). She explained that the sofa opened into a bed and I could sleep there. She also told me her husband often had “game parties” down there and when that happened I could go up two floors, to the youngest child’s bedroom. The other solution she offered would be to alternate the bedroom with the other nanny. So, basically, I’d be spending alot of time relocating from one area of the house to another. I, by no means, consider this a nanny room. Incidently, I included her nanny service profile in another post in my blog and she clearly states that she offers a private room and private bath specifically in her year-round Scarsdale home. The following is the email conversation:

(Me) “Mrs. S. – Since you have neither paid me my wages due nor have you answered my previous email, you leave me no choice but to report the situation to Dept. of  Labor Standards. It is illegal to withhold wages from an employee regardless of how the employment ended.”

(Her) “Hold on to your pants, crazy person. I just got home on Monday night and have 300 emails and 3 kids starting school. It is my intention to send you the 100 dollars…but you continue to be entirely self absorbed…and not realize that there might be mitigating circumstances. I will send it to you.”

(Her) “I am shaking. I have NEVER been so angry in my life. You have been the MOST unpleasant experience om my life. YOU left the job…you ran out with out so much as 15 seconds notice….you did not ask for pay or anything ran like a fleeing felon. Then you have the NERVE to complain to the agency WRONGLY. We DO have a nanny room. We were on VACTION…as you know. And no one has a separate room on vacation.”

(Her) “And for the reconrd, you never sent me your address.”

(Me) “yes, Mrs. S., you never did ask for my address OR my social security number…a very unwise thing to do when putting a total stranger in a bedroom with your 2 small children. fortunately for everyone am not a child molester, but you might not get so lucky with the next nanny. something you should be pondering instead of blaming me for your issues. I refuse to get into a war of words with you, Mrs. S. you have some serious mental problems and i sincerely hope you get the help you need. if only you knew what the other nannies and “servants” were saying behind your back. I am by no means the only one who’s had problems with you and if you were honest with yourself you would recognize this. no wonder why you’ve gone through so many nannies in a short amount of time…this, to me, is quite telling. my only desire now is to attempt to recoupe some of the money I spent getting to your “vacation home”. and, incidently, your measly 100.00 is not as much as you owe me”

(Her) “If you want a check, send my your address.” “I wish you all the help YOU need

One more continuation:

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