America’s Next Top Blogger


American Idol, The Osbournes, The Simple Life, Hogan Knows Best, Deal or No Deal, Dancing With The Stars and on and on it goes. We’ve become over-run and bombarded with reality shows. Many people think that American Idol started it all in 2002, but that’s not true. Allen Funt’s “Candid Camera” premiered back in 1948 and The Miss America Pageant debuted in 1954. But only recently has reality television branched out into several subcategories. Categories such as living environment (Road Rules), celeb reality (Dancing With The Stars), professional activities (Orange County Choppers and Miami Ink), elimination game shows (The Biggest Loser and Big Brother) and too many more to mention.

How real is reality tv? Many of the situations involved in these shows are carefully controlled by the show’s producers. Environments, scenerios, challenges and events are all manipulated and conflict is encouraged in order to boost ratings. Putting several male and female 20-somethings in one house to see how well they get along is a recipe for disaster and a recipe for good television. Shows are carefully edited and scripted leaving the audience to wonder how much is real and how much is simply fictional drama.

So, with all this in mind, I propose we start an America’s Next Top Blogger competition. We could pour our little hearts out at home on our computers. Then we could travel to the nearest large city, laptops in hand and wait in line for hours to show our stuff in front of a pompous British jerk, a has-been, nutso singer/dancer/cheerleader and a hefty minority guy. So how will we actually show our work? How about putting it up on a big screen, sort of like that new karaoke-type show. Hey, there’s an idea…we could sing our writings. But we’d have to have drama and discord. Maybe 2 bloggers could duke it out over copywrites. Or how about religious or political writings? That’s gotta make for some top rated tv. I could think of a few bloggers who like to argue just for the sake of arguing so we could have the show’s producers arrange to have them make it to the final round.

So whose with me here? I say we all jump on the reality television show band wagon. Never more will we be the starving artists. We’ll all make millions and get major writing contracts. Okay, so maybe not all of us, but those who do make it can say they knew us when they were still posting on WordPress. 


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