Are Online Personal Ads Just A Bunch of Crap?

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Regardless of what the “matchmaking” websites claim, I’ve yet to see any match made in cyberspace work out. I’ve known several people who’ve tried it out and have more horrors stories than success stories. One look at personal ad profiles (I admit it, I’ve checked some out) and you have to wonder why such wonderful people are resorting to advertising themselves. Everyone claims to be “good looking, fit, athletic and romantic”. If they’re so fabulous why are they still single and selling themselves online?

I know someone who decided to post on an online personal site. She started conversing with someone who sounded fantastic. He was wealthy, owned a ranch out west and ran his own business. My friend decided to go visit this wonderful man and soon found out just how great he was. First of all he was disabled (something he neglected to tell her) and was confined to a wheelchair. And this man had a young daughter who he had gained custody of during a long and ugly court battle. It didn’t take long for my friend to find out this man had not only used his wealth and legal connections to take his young daughter away from a loving mother, but he was looking for a “mommy” replacement for her. He also needed someone to help him because of his disability. She left his house shortly after coming to this realization and never returned his calls.

Another friend began an online relationship with a man not far from where she lived. He seemed nice and respectable, had a good job and owned his own home. After several phone conversations, my friend agreed to meet this man in a public place, and it’s a good thing. After some initial conversation and pleasantries, the guy started sharing intimate details with her. He began telling her all about his sex life with his last girlfriend including the fact that she used to shave him in a rather private area. He said he liked it so much he continued the practice after he and the girlfriend broke up. My friend made an excuse to leave and made a quick departure.

So, how much do these fantastic singles lie in their personal ads? According to a recent article in Scientific American, 20% of people surveyed were asked if they lied in personal ads admitted they had. When asked if they thought other people lied in their ads 90% of those surveyed said they did. It’s also been found that, out of the millions of online daters,  many lie about their age, profession, weight, appearance and marital and parental status. It’s been found that deceptive women are more likely to lie about their weight, physical appearance and age, while deceptive men usually lie about height, income, weight, age and marital status. The study also shows that it is believed that 13% of online males are actually married. And anyone who says that looks aren’t important are definitely in the minority. Men’s profiles without photos receive one forth of the response as those with photos. Women’s online profiles without photos receive just one sixth of responses than those with photos. But then again you can’t even go by the photos because those have been known to be phony as well. As for me, I think I’ll just stick to the laundromat and produce isle. At  least I’ll know they’re clean and eat healthy.

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