A Look Into Our Dreams

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I had a strange dream last night. In the dream I was working at WalMart again and my shift had ended. I was trying to make my way to the exit, but the store was so crowded I could barely move. People were pushing and shoving and one woman attempted to redirect me to a way I didn’t wish to go. Finally, I made it outside, but it was snowy and slippery. It was dark and the snow made it difficult to see. I couldn’t remember where I had parked my car and wandered around the parking lot for what seemed like a long time. Suddenly I was flying in my car, above the parking lot, but still searching for my own car. I looked down at the steering wheel and realized I was already in my car, so why was I still looking? The dream ends there.

I’m pretty good at interpreting dreams. Contrary to what some people think, dreams do have meaning and we can learn alot from them. Dreams are more than “leftover residue” from the day’s events. They are the brain’s way of continuing to work even in sleep. Your unconcious mind is less inhibited and free of the doubt and fear experienced while awake. Much can be learned about ourselves from our dreams.

I interpret my particular dream to having lost my way somehow. Although I might have some trouble finding it and others try to tell me the way to go, I must move on and discover the answer for myself. Not being able to find my car because I forgot where I left it is just another way my sleeping mind tells me that I’m still searching for something in my life, but, without realizing it, I am above the confusion and have what I think I’ve lost right in my hands. 

I don’t believe that dream books can possibly have meanings that apply to all people and all dreams. Dreams are personal. What certain dream symbols mean to one person could almost never mean the same to another. Just as our lives are all different, so are our dreams.


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