At Odds Over A Monster.


How long must we hear about O.J. Simpson in one form or another? Everytime his name is uttered on television I can see his evil smile. He’s just happy that anyone still remembers him. And now he’s back in a round about way once more. Most recently on Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Denise Brown and the Goldmans are at odds over Simpson’s “fictional” book, “If I Did It”.

Denise Brown, along with Fred and Kim Goldman, were to appear on an episode of Oprah this week and discuss the fact that the Goldmans have won the rights to Simpson’s book, but at the last minute Denise refused to appear on the same stage as the Goldmans. Apparently Denise is extremely upset that the Goldmans have changed their feeling about the book, at one time calling it despicable and now choosing to publish it. The Goldmans explained that their decision is a way to recoup some of the money they had been awarded  from Simpson in a wrongful death suit brought against him several years ago. To date, the Goldmans have not received one dime out of the $38 million dollars they were awarded. In fact, Simpson has mocked the Goldmans by saying that he won’t work if it means having to pay them, so he’ll “just play golf” instead.

I can understand the Goldman’s point of view. Their son was murdered and his killer was set free. They brought a civil suit against him and won. Simpson has a multitude of lawyers on his side and has utilized every legal loophole in order not to have to pay the Goldmans any money. Simpson stood to make a substantial amount of money on his book. It’s only right that the Goldmans publish the book, using its content against Simpson (the book is obviously a work of non-fiction touted by a psychopathic killer as fiction and most of the country recognizes this). They fully intend to give a good deal of the money to a foundation they’ve set up in Ron Goldman’s name. In fact, the Goldmans said they’d be personally receiving a mere .17 per copy. I hardly think they’re doing this to get rich or to help Simpson receive the fame he desires so much.

Most of us will never know the agony of dealing with the brutal murder of a loved one, much less how we’d react to it. We’re all different and have our own way of dealing with grief. Denise Brown still seems extremely bitter, and rightly so. But she shouldn’t be lashing out at the Goldmans and refusing to appear on Oprah with them. The Goldmans have chosen a much more productive way to move on by thinking constructively instead of emotionally. I think Denise Brown would be much better off if she’d do the same. We’d all be better off to stop talking about O.J. Simpson. Everyone knows he did it and he was wealthy enough to get away with it. Stop putting him in the spotlight and giving him the limelight he craves but certainly does not deserve.


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