Meat In A Can?


Increase your penis size by 12 inches! (ouch). Sexy singles in your area waiting to meet you. Make a million dollars licking envelopes. Make a million dollars licking other stuff. SPAM. Spam is a slang term for unsolicited commercial email. Where the acronym SPAM comes from I’m not sure. I couldn’t actually find the answer to that question online, so if anyone knows please tell me.

When I was growing up Spam meant meat in a can. That disgusting, gelatinous, unidentifiable and smelly substance passed off as food. I was expected to sit at the table until I finished the Spam I despised so much. What the hell part of the whatever kind of animal was that stuff anyway? I always thought it was just the stuff they couldn’t sell any other way. Like the ears and the feet and the tail. I’ll bet Hormel still has the original can ever produced way back in 1937.

But when it comes to spam email, thank goodness there’s a nifty invention called Spam blocker. Once in awhile an unsolicited commercial email will slip through and make its way into my inbox. I promptly mark it as spam and am immediately thanked by Yahoo and told it’s been “reported as spam”. I’m not sure what that means. Do they report it to the company that sent it? I’m pretty sure a company that promises to increase your penis size isn’t going to actually do anything to stop sending unsolicited email. As for Spam, the magical mystery meat in a can…please stop torturing your children with this crap. A can of tuna is cheaper and more tasty. And at least you know it’s made from an actual tuna.

One thought on “Meat In A Can?

  1. Very good & quite witty too. Oh i completely agree with your comment about my ‘promoting’ post. I should really change it & include that as it is a very valid point !

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