My Battle Against Writer’s Block

I usually choose to write about things that either directly concern me or are important to me in some way. Often, I’ll begin my post thinking I’ll go one way with it, but then it takes on a life of its own and decides where it will take me. But, once in awhile I’ll hit a wall and I find myself with a nasty case of writer’s block. I can almost always bring my temporary loss for words around by doing one of several things.

Doing image searches can often spark my creative juices. I’m not talking about stealing peoples photos off the internet. I hate when people do that to me. I’m talking more about just looking at photos or drawings and imagining what the artist was trying to get across with their image. Another option I choose is to find free image sites, use the photo in my post and then write a story or article from there.

Sometimes just a title will come to me. At the time, I have no idea what the actual post will be about, but the title will pop into my head. Saving it as a draft doesn’t commit me to writing about it. If I think I have a good idea for a post I’ll try to jot it down, but that’s not always possible. Unfortunately, my memory isn’t always so reliable and by the time I get in front of my computer my great idea is lost. But my drafts are always there waiting for my words of wisdom to expand upon.

Life experience is one of the easiest ways I get my writing imagination in gear. I live in a very small rural area and one might think life is boring and uneventful. But this just isn’t the case. Stories don’t have to be earth shattering. Small town news, issues, crime and people can be just as interesting as any story crafted from a big city perspective. I’ve gotten the most hits (over 600…but of course it’s not all about stats) on just one day when I wrote a series of stories about my adventure in nannyism. Small town bumpkin finds herself among the rich and snobby makes for an interesting story. And, unbelievably, every word was true. I didn’t have to embelish because the truth WAS really stranger than fiction.

So, those are just some of the simple ways I fight the battle against writer’s block. They’ve worked for me. And if all else fails I can always write about writing and writer’s block.

2 thoughts on “My Battle Against Writer’s Block

  1. Funny, those are my ways of getting over a writer’s block too. Image searches are quite good for inspiration, I usually browse fotocommunity without any specific topic in mind, and then use it for inspirational brainstorming.

    And yes, life experience is often the best subject when writing, since it can often give more depth to the text. An imaginary situation is difficult to describe with the same wealth of details as one you’ve experienced first hand.

    But most often when hitting a writer’s block, I do absolutely nothing else than sit and stare into the blank screen. :-/ Frustrating as hell, and it takes quite a while before I actually realize that I can just do some of the above to get over it.

    Anyway, nice post, with some good advice regarding writer’s block.

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