The Television Rerun And Its Evil Twin The Commercial.


Prior to the 1950’s, television shows were performed live, so since they weren’t recorded there were no reruns. The rerun has been credited to (or blamed on) Desi Arnez…thanks alot Desi. It seems everytime I decide to sit down to watch a tv show that I’ve only caught once it ends up being a rerun of the one I saw. And how about television networks that bore us with reruns all summer long? I know those poor overworked and underpaid television stars need a break, but reruns are still annoying. How come soap operas never have reruns? Don’t those actors ever need breaks? It must be exhausting to suffer daily through infidelty, brain tumors and amnesia.

Commercials are also out of control. For every hour of television there are 15 minutes of commercials. I want to watch the show, not know how pads with wings can make me want to frolic through a field. And on top of the 15 minutes of commercials, networks have taken to advertising upcoming shows in the corner of my screen. What a sneaky way to get in a plug for another show. I suspect this may be just a form of subliminal messaging anyway.

I guess television is just trying to keep up with movie theaters. I don’t even bother going into the theater until a half hour after showtime. Otherwise I know I’ll just end up sitting through 10 trailers and 20 commercials advertising soft drinks, men’s cologne and gym shoes. They charge me ten bucks to see a movie then they force me to watch commercials for products that they’ll profit from. Where’s my share of the profit? It’s certainly not in the 30lb. bucket of popcorn in melted lard that cost me eight bucks.  


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