Doctor’s Office Survey

I had another doctor’s appointment the other day. I figured I’d give her the chance to redeem herself after last week’s fiasco. Besides, my thumb was still swollen and sore. However, I never imagined I’d be stepping into the twilight zone.

My appointment was scheduled for 2:00 pm and, as is my courteous custom, I arrived 15 minutes early. I checked in at the desk and chose a comfy seat since I would be there for at least an hour before the doctor would see me. But, much to my surprise just after sitting down and before reaching for a 1987 copy of Ladies Home Journal, the nurse called me in. Okay, where’s the hidden camera? Have I been punked? Patient goes to doctor and is seen before her scheduled appointment. That’s enough to crack me up. But, unbelievably, it’s not a prank designed simply to get my hopes up. The nurse didn’t yell, “NOT!” So I followed her in to an examing room and expected to wait there for an hour instead. The nurse took my vitals and actually made pleasant conversation. She seemed genuinely interested in my replies. By then I was getting worried. Was I dying and no one told me yet?

I sat for a mere 7 minutes and there was a knock and the doctor entered the room. She took a seat. What? She’s sitting instead of talking to me with one foot out the door? She made some contemplative faces and listened to my unfortunate thumb situation. She asked the nurse to get me a thumb splint and gently placed it on my finger herself. She then advised me to follow up with the orthopedist and told me to call her office if I have any questions or concerns. I was flabbergasted. True concern for me. I was so moved by the experience that I was close to tears when I left the examing room.

As I passed the front desk, I was handed a piece of paper by the receptionist. I wondered if it was an unpaid bill they had forgotten to mail me, so I asked her what it was. “Oh, the hospital is taking a survey on how happy patients are with the service and care they receive at each of its clinics”,  she tells me. Ah ha! So I have been punked afterall.


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