Let’s Just Put The Pipe In The Crackhead’s Hand

I grew up in NYC in a not-so-great area of Brooklyn. I’ve seen my share of crime and I’ve also seen my share of police brutality. There’s no other word to describe it, it’s brutality. It’s been my experience, no matter where I live, Brooklyn, Cali, Upstate NY, that men with power issues become police officers. While I’m not saying that every cop on the force is part of this classification, I’ve seen way too many to discount the fact that the majority of cops are abusive, power hungry jerks.

Keeping my opinion in mind, what does anyone think will happen if you put a 6′, power hungry jerk in a uniform and leave him in charge of deciding what is excessive use of force? Years ago cops had guns and batons to wield at unruly and not so unruly citizens. That was bad enough. But now some genius decided that cops need to step up to more dangerous weapons of force. Tasers and stun guns are being used so freely and often that it’s become common to see horrifying video of some poor guy who’s exercising his right to free speech being tasered while begging not to be tasered. The cops know that if they shoot someone purely because they aren’t submitting as quickly as they’d like there will be much more to explain later. But, apparently the use of tasers doesn’t need any explanation at all, even though there have been several deaths related to the use of tasers.

So, let’s continue to hire intimidating 6′ power hungry men and place tasers in their hands to use at their whim. Why don’t we just put crackpipes in crackhead’s hands because they’re just as unlikely to use them.


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