Prejudice Is Alive and Well and Living In America.


Why do so many Americans forget what our country was orginally built upon? Immigrants from many countries settled here for economic reasons and to escape religious prosecution and political struggle. But now, over 200 years after the birth of our nation, we still hear stereotypical, racist and prejudicial remarks about certain ethnic cultures.

Depending on the geographical location, the prejudice varies. California residents are often quick to blame Mexicans for all that is wrong in the country. Floridians, many times, make derogatory remarks about Cubans. It’s not uncommon for New York City residents to make racist remarks about Puerto Ricans. Often stereotypes are so commonly used, they are assumed to be factual. According to Gustavo Arellano, author of “Ask A Mexican”, “what Americans know about Mexicans are tequilla, borritos and illegal alien savages.”  They fail to accept that Mexicans are hard working members of society who, like other immigrants (including their very own ancestors) who came before them, are simply looking for all the opportunities that native born Americans take for granted. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the way African-Americans are still being treated in the U.S. This ethnic group didn’t come here willingly and are still victims of intolerance and prejudice.  Take a look at New Orleans and you’ll have to admit that, if these were whites, these American citizens would never have been ignored and left to die.

Is prejudice something that will never go away? Are Americans always going to be mistrusting and unaccepting of every group of new immigrants? Is this just a right of passage that each group has to endure before becoming accepted as a true American? How sad that prejudice has become an American tradition.

One thought on “Prejudice Is Alive and Well and Living In America.

  1. Hello there and good evening from my part of the world! 😀

    I am very sad to say that this prejudice and stereotyping of immigrants are also happening in my country. However our scenario on the immigrants is slightly different from yours in that more than half the immigrants are here to work, and they are from the neighbouring countries as well. These countries are often in a much poorer economic situation than ours and therefore the immigrants are reluctant to return home but will stay around and look for other jobs when their current employment contracts expire. They try to secure other jobs, but failing at this, many of them resort to crimes like robbery, burglary and even murder. Some are even stereotyped womanisers because their ploy is to make some women with money to fall in love with them and provide them with money. We even have girls from a large Northern country coming here in flocks and they have been stereotyped and nicknamed “little dragon ladies” because they will entice men into parting with their wives and savings and they often become mistresses just to get some money to send home. 🙄 Due to the negativity surrounding some of these migrant workers, it is like a matter of a few rotten apples spoiling the whole basket of apples. So, there is still stereotyping and prejudice happening here, and probably in other parts of the world as well! It’s just that for us this subject is not openly discussed because my country is multi-cultural and we try to live in harmony among all the races, foreign or not.

    I am of Chinese descent and a second generation of immigrants in my country. My husband and I had a really wonderful stay for a few years in Corvallis, Oregon back in the 80’s and our eldest daughter was born there. We have only postive experiences with the Americans there and have m ade many friends, nothing negative nor prejudicial was experienced. 😀 My husband is now working with a major American multinational company, and we hope to be able to return to the US for a visit sometime. 😉 😀

    Have a wonderful day today!

    Much light, joy and harmony to you,

    happyhomemaker88 😀

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