Bunuelos/Fried Dough

Every year, when I go to the state fair I head right to one of the many fried dough booths. I know it’s deep fried and not all that good for you, but I don’t care. It’s worth the risk of clogging my arteries. Just about every culture has it’s own recipe for fried dough, but they’re basically all the same. As the name implies, it’s simply dough that has been fried in either oil or lard and sprinkled with either granulated or powered sugar and a little cinnamon. I love seeing my Grandma, but since she lives in Mexico, I don’t see her very often. Whenever she visits she makes sure she makes a batch of bunuelos for the family. Of course this is fairly involved because she makes a large quantity and it’s all made from scratch. But I’ve found a shortcut to making fried dough and it tastes almost as good.

I buy the cans of biscuits near the cookie dough. I can usually separate the large biscuits into forths or at least halves. They’re not flat like bunuelos, more like donut holes, but just as tasty. I fry them in my Fry Baby (I have to get a Fry Daddy so I can make more at one time). In the meantime I take a ziplock bag and put my choice of either powered sugar (which I leave plain) or granulated sugar (which I add cinnamon to) and shake it up. I know my fried dough is ready when they turn golden brown so then I remove them from the oil and drain them on some paper towels. After they’ve cooled off slightly (the sugar sticks much better if you coat the fried dough while it’s still warm) I put a few at a time in my ziplock bag and shake them up. They’re certainly not as good as Grandma’s but they make an quicker, easier substitute until her next visit.


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