Karmic Payback?


Many people throw their hands up and are quick to say, “What’s the matter with the world today?”, “Where did our country go so wrong?” I have a theory that the struggles, wars, climate changes and extreme weather we now experience is simply karmic payback.

Long, long ago in a faraway land known as Spain there was an Italian born man named Christopher Columbus who refused to stop and ask for directions, as men often do. He wanted to go to India, but ended up in a strange new world. He and his crew met some friendly natives and promptly changed their name to “Indians”. Later, many of these Indians were raped, exploited and made into slaves. 

Let’s fast forward to the 1600’s. Not long after the English colonists settled in what would become the United States, plantation owners decided they needed free labor on their massive farms. So they decided to enslave Africans and bring them to the U.S. Eventually 17 million Africans were shipped to the Americas between the 17th and 19th centuries. They were beaten, raped and treated like animals. 

Now let’s take a look at Mexico. The U.S. decided Texas and California looked pretty good so, as is tradition, they fought Mexico for them, overtook them and said the greedy leaders, “nana, nana, poo-poo we took your land”. I’m not sure but I think this is how the American game Monopoly was invented.

It’s surprising how many Americans don’t know that, during World War II, Japanese-Americans, these were American citizens, were taken from their homes, separated from their families and forced to live in concentration camps. Why would the U.S. commit such a grave injustice? Well, during World War II, Americans became very suspicious of  Japanese-Americans and decided anyone of them could be spies, so just to be sure they gathered up decent, hard-working Americans and forced them to live in tiny barracks with little or no food.

Obviously, I’m leaving out more of America’s shameful history here. This is only a blog and not a book. My theory is that, since the birth of this nation, there have been some pretty nasty goings-on here. It’s one thing to defend yourself and your country. It’s entirely different to do nothing more than trample on the rights of others and behave like bullies who see something they want and take it. I fully believe that what we experience now is simply karmic payback. The birth and rebirth of certain medical conditions, extreme and catastrophic weather, global warming, terrorism and other forms of punishment are just a few examples. Time and again we’ve been given a chance to redeem ourselves. Take New Orleans as just one example. A catastrophic flood occurs, but instead of helping members of our own country, what did the U.S. government do? They sat back and watched as an estimated 1,500 American citizens perished. There is no memorial. There is no granite wall with etched names. There is no tribute to those who’s lives were lost. There isn’t even an official list. Some might say this is cynicism on my part. I call it realism.


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