Why Do Men Cheat?

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It happens in the workplace. It happens in residential communities. Hell, it even happens among church-goers. Cheating. Infidelity. Screwing around. What ever you want to call it, it hurts and damages relationships. Although women are catching up to this male-oriented phenomenom, men still dominate the world of cheaters. Cheating isn’t about sex, it’s about little boys who’ve never grown up and need to know they’re still desirable and wanted by females (and sometimes other males). It’s about feeding the male ego. Cheating is about boundaries or the lack of them. Many people are tempted. Afterall we’re only human and humans are sexual beings. Human beings may not even been designed for monogamy. A true sense of love and devotion should be the main reasons not to cheat. 

Politicians have a long history of being philandering husbands and ever-suffering wives cope differently in response. Hillary recently said, when referring to her husband’s indiscretions and infidelty, that it was only through her devout faith was she able to get through the painful ordeal of Billy boy cheating with Monica. She would have been better off praying to god that little Billy got a raging STD and lost the use of his manhood. What an inspiring, modern woman Hillary is.  

As long as men and women coexist in the workplace and elsewhere infidelity will contine to be the wedge that rips marriages apart. Marriage counselors are the only ones that benefit from cheating. Studies show that once a cheater always a cheater. Forgiving an adulterous affair will more than likely lead to repeat offenses. Men are good at pleading and promising and they know if they plead and promise long enough they’ll be forgiven. If there are no consequenses then the cheating will continue.

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