Garage Sales Should Be Outlawed


What is it with people and garage sales? I honestly don’t understand the fascination of running from garage to garage rummaging through other people’s discards. I guess maybe it’s a geographical thing. When I lived in NYC I hardly ever, almost never remember seeing garage/yard sales. My family lives in Texas and, at  least in their particular area, garage sales are few and far between. I live in Upstate NY and just about every weekend you can see people selling their used crap all over the place. People with battered lamp shades and 60’s velvet paintings, happily carrying their new-found treasures under their arms abound.

I was on my way to my son’s football game yesterday. Traffic was moving along pretty well, at about 60 miles per hour. All of sudden this idiot two cars up spots a garage sale and stops dead in his tracks almost causing an accident. Are garage sales worth risking life and limb for you and those around you? I wanted to get out of my car and punch him in the head. My daughter tells me I have road rage. Is it too much to ask for a crazed garbage picker to pull over when it’s safe and then turn around? Garage sale goers please do us all a favor and shop at the Salvation Army from now on. Whew…I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.

3 thoughts on “Garage Sales Should Be Outlawed

  1. I suppose one can live without garage sales, too – never seen one in either Austria (where I live) or Germany (where I come from). That might, of course have to do with the fact that people have fewer cars, or even no car at all, and hence also no garage. Old crap is either given to someone who has a stall at flea markets or you put it out at night for the garbage van to collect it the next morning (only on stipulated dates) – so we have this phenomenon only temporily, for one night (called Sperrmüll). At most half of what you put out it going to be there still when the van comes – the noise before your house can be quite annoying indeed 🙂

  2. Sing it sister! I despise garage sales. I now donate everything to Goodwill or Veteran’s Association or Ronald McDonald House or anything else. The last time I had one I watched a guy swith a tag on a Ralph Lauren Shirt that read $1 for one from a no-name brand shirt marked $.50 and then walk it up to me to pay for it. I showed him my sign that read “shop lifters will be shot” and then I shot him.

    I’m not so good with garage sales. 🙂


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