Another Case Of Prejudice or Just Indifference?


The recent cancellation of the “George Lopez Show” has stirred up alot of controversy. Hispanic television shows are few and far between and now ABC has chosen to replace the popular Hispanic sit-com with a show based on a Geico commercial about cavemen. 

The  majority of people saying the “George Lopez Show” has had “a good run”, but has lost its following are probably not Hispanics. Most people who think it was time for the show to end were most likely not even regular viewers. “The George Lopez Show” consistently proved that Hispanics are productive members of American society and have the same problems, issues, emotions and lives as any other American culture. And, the way the show was cancelled was a blatant slap in the face to both George Lopez and the entire cast and crew. Steve McPherson, ABC Entertainment President chose to inform Lopez that his show was cancelled with a  telephone call, making a final episode impossible. I can’t think of one television show that was cancelled with no opportunity to televise a final espisode wrapping up the show.

George Lopez is proof that Mexican-Americans can come from a humble background and succeed with hard work and determination. Once upon a time the “Ellen” show was cancelled when Ellen DeGeneres announced she was gay. Now “The Ellen Show” is one of the most popular talk shows on television. Perhaps sometime in the near future television studios will realize that they continue to have the power to consistently show that the Hispanic community has much to offer our society.

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