What About All The Other Abused and Neglected Children?


Britney Spears is in the news again. Or did she ever go away? I’m sick and tired of the Britney Saga. Now the crazy, misguided pop star is turning her parental rights over to her long-suffering ex, Kevin Federline. The “toxic” star’s bizarre behavior prompted Federline to file for custody of their two children and Federline was given temporary custody. Their children will no doubt be better off until Britney gets the help she needs. No one can deny that Britney’s behavior can certainly cause harm to her children, but must we constantly read about every blow by blow detail of it all? I wonder why the newspapers and magazines don’t concentrate a little more on the thousands of other children who are allowed to remain in deplorable and unsafe conditions with their biological and foster families. Most likely because there’s no money in it.

Unfortunately, the issue of abused and neglected American children is nothing new or unique. Children are allowed to stay in abusive homes all the time because the courts are reluctant to remove them from their biological families. What happened to the court’s views on “what’s in the best interest of the child”? Excuses are made that some children just “slip through the cracks”. Often, children of divorce are forced to endure abuse in the non-custodial parent’s care. And although custodial parents often report the abuse to authorities, courts allow visitation to continue, many times with tragic results. Does the media have to televise or print pictures of the harmful behavior of abusive parents before anyone intervenes? Where is the public’s interest with these forgotten children? Who’s protecting them? The excuse that investigators are overburdened and understaffed is a shameful reflection on our society. Until the government, society and the media step in the innocent and most helpless victims of abuse will continue to suffer and be forgotten.

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