From Commercial To Television Show


As I mentioned in a recent post, ABC has decided to drop the George Lopez Show with no advanced notice in favor of a rip-roaring comedy about Cavemen. A spin-off of the Geico commercials, the show features the lives of three Cro-Magnon friends, Andy, Joel and Nick adapting to life in modern day Atlanta. The three buddies resemble 60’s hippies more than they do cavemen and, based upon critic’s reviews, the sit-com will be short-lived. But what I really want to know is where are the Christian Fundamentalists in all this hype? It seems to me that a show that advocates the theory of evolution would have devout Christians up in arms. But a little controversy never hurt television shows before.

Maybe ABC producers are on to something here. What about a show based on the Energizer Bunny? The minority pink bunny could constantly battle ridicule and prejudice in the bunny community. He would be ostracized by many of his high school peers for being a band geek. But the show could have a positive message because episode after episode the pink bunny prevails and keeps going and going and….

How about a television sitcom featuring the Travelosity gnome? Little person in a big person’s world being tossed around into one predicament after another. Exploited by manufacturers of cheesey souveniers selling gnome trinkets with no monetary compensation. Dispelling the misconception that the poor little gnome is a moron because he wears a dunce cap. And selfishly snatched by an evil elderly women who wants to plant him in her rose garden.

Come on NBC and CBS, you’re missing the boat of opportunity here. Think of all the possibilities. Snap, Crackle and Pop enforce the popular belief that birth order really does dictate who you are. The Campbells Soup Kids and their constant battle to keep off the weight that has plagued them for decades. The Kool-Aide Man wreaking havoc in communities because of his immense size while just wanting to be loved and screaming “Oh, Yeah” all the while. Taco Bell’s chihuahua, despite his size, struggles to prove chihuahua’s aren’t just for Mexicans anymore. The possiblities are endless. Or ABC can stand alone in their novel idea and feed their s**t to Mikey because he’ll eat anything. 

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