No Virginia, There’s No Such Thing As Santa Claus

 I constantly check my blog stats. Okay, so I’m a narcisist. Or perhaps I value my self-worth by how many hits I get on WordPress. Anyway, as you all know, you can see where someone has clicked from to get to your site. One of the clicks came from When I clicked on it I noticed that the search phrase had been “Is there really a Santa Claus or do your parents just put the presents under the tree?” This had then led the person searching to my “Santa Claus and Other Childhood Scams” post. I was floored. I’d become the Jewish kid who broke my innocent heart by telling me there was no such thing as Santa Claus. Obviously this phrase was searched by a child, because I’m pretty sure this wasn’t an adult question. In my attempt to complain about the great Santa deceit, I dashed some poor kid’s dreams of sugar plumbs dancing in her head.

Although I’ll bet this particular search would produce many other results besides mine, I still feel crappy somehow. I neglected to realize how sophisticated today’s kids are. And how children can be young but still know how to search on a computer. But is it really my fault if a child learns there’s no Santa by reading my blog? How much easier it would be if parents just told children the truth about Santa. It would save them from alot of pain in the end. Not coming clean with your children about Santa is cruel and deceitful. It’s almost as bad as not telling your kid she’s adopted.


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