I Was Right…”Cavemen” Is A Dud!


Just a little note on the ridiculous ABC sitcom, “Cavemen”. Over 60% of recently polled television viewers predict the moronic show will be cancelled soon. Hey, ABC, maybe you should have left “The George Lopez  Show” on instead of unceremoniously dropping it like you did. Someone should have clubbed the producers of “Cavemen” and dragged them out of the studio before they could tape this crap.

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2 thoughts on “I Was Right…”Cavemen” Is A Dud!

  1. I watched .3 seconds of this show and my intestines imploded and blood ran out of my eyes. Okay, I’m just kidding about the implosion. As a right-wing fundamentalist Christian I am horribly offended by this obvious stand on evolution by ABC. Whatever happened to the separation of Darwin and Media. But I’m actually more offended by the nasty hair these guys are sporting. So they are cavemen–great, they can play tennis and wear suits but they can’t wash their freaking hair!!!!

    This show is actually worse than ALF and remember–that ran for 5 seasons!!!!

    Bring Back GEORGE LOPEZ!!!


  2. Thank you for putting it so well! You’re right, actual cavemen didn’t have soap, but modern day Atlanta certainly does. Let’s start a petition and send it to ABC. Nah, never mind, hopefully the show will be cancelled before then 🙂 Yes, bring back Jorge pronto!

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