I’ll Take My Children Unleaded Please


Not only does outsource manufacturing cost Americans millions in revenue, but an even higher cost has virtually gone unchallenged until recently. Well over 2 million toys containing high lead levels have been recalled since the past June alone and there seems like no end to the recall is in sight. Unbelievably, there is no law enforcing a lead ban on children’s products manufactured overseas. In fact, U.S. lawmakers have been actively seeking higher restrictions from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has consistently refused to “set a strong, enforceable standard for overseas toy manufacturing”, according to California Democratic Representative, Henry Waxman (Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee).

It’s unbelievable and irresponsible for any government agency charged with the duty to protect American citizens from unsafe products to expose our children to such dangers. The American public trusts that an agency calling itself the “Consumer Product Safety Commission” will do just that, ensure that consumers are purchasing safe products with their hard-earned money. High lead levels in children’s toys is a well-known cause of brain damage and learning  disabilities. American consumers should demand a much higher standard of responsibility from our government.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Take My Children Unleaded Please

  1. And how many less popular toys and companies have contaminated our homes with lead? Looking at all these famous brands and companies involved in these widely-reported recalls make me quite sure that less known ones are sure to sneak in without the attention.

  2. Excellent point. Makes parents just want to throw away all toys and make their own. Now there’s a good idea! Old fashioned wooden toys could make a comeback. Thanks for commenting:)

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