Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Shopping Online For A Mate.

Many people post profiles on online dating sites, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of them. What better way to chat and/or flirt with someone while remaining anonoymous and not participating in a “real” relationship without facing your fear of rejection? Is it really for well-adjusted individuals or is it like the SPCA where you end up with other people’s rejects? I’ve decided to write a list of questions to ponder before taking the plunge into cyberspace dating:

1. Why does everyone claim to be good-looking, thin and athletic? Aren’t there any chubby, ugly, couch potatoes online?

2. Why do 50 year old men say they like young, sexy women? Yeah right, unless you’re Heff it’s not gonna happen, so be realistic.

3. Why do people post pictures that are obviously older and out of date? The high school yearbook picture is a dead giveaway.

4. If you’re a man and say you love to cuddle, treat your mate like a queen, shower her with gifts and are “sensitive and not afraid to show emotions” then why haven’t you been scooped up before now? Resorting to false advertising is not a good indication of honesty.

5. And last but not least, why do old guys insist on posting pictures of themselves without shirts on? Are they completely naked? Do they think that’s the best way to find true love?

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