Don’t Look Now, But Your Ignorance Is Showing!

I’m so sick and tired of hearing the same old arguments and ignorant comments from Americans who think they’ve cornered the market on immigration. Their families came here, now they’re living here and that’s where it should stop. And if I hear one more time how Mexicans only want to cross the border to take away American jobs and sponge off taxpayers I’ll scream. Can people get anymore ignorant?

Once upon a time in America, hoards of immigrants flocked to our nation’s shore in search of a better life than they had in their homelands. They wanted ordinary freedoms and rights that modern day Americans take for granted. Freedom of speech, religion, the ability to earn a fair wage for an honest day’s pay, and escaping deplorable conditions and poverty were on the minds of new Americans. They were not thinking about how they could “put one over” on existing Americans. Putting one over was already perpetrated by early settlers when they came here to strip Native Americans of their land and belongings.

Mexicans want the chance to better themselves and their families. Time and again Mexicans have proven themselves to be hard-working, respectable members of their communities. Mexicans have repeatedly¬†proven that they’re not afraid of hard work by often taking the jobs that Americans refuse to do. Unfortunately, “proven” will always be the key word here. Mexicans will continuously have to prove themselves to be something other than the ignorant labels so many Americans have placed on them.

Just as an example, please read the following blog post. Pay particular attention to the comments made by “cpacek”. This is something Mexicans will always have to face when dealing with ignorance and intolerance in America.


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