I’m Not Handicapped, I Just Want The Permit.


 I stubbed my toe last week and it still hurts. I’m thinking about applying for a handicapped parking permit. Afterall, it must be incredibly easy to get one. Everyone has one. And it’s not just a regional thing. My dad lives in Texas and it’s one of his biggest pet peeves. Goodness knows there are certainly people who really need the advantage of parking as close to a store entrance as possible. You can pretty much tell if a person is disabled afterall. But how about the people who hop, skip and jump out of their vehicles? It’s obvious they’re not handicapped. How about those blue tags that are hung from rearview mirrors? Why is sufficient to just have those and not handicapped license plates as well? What prevents a family member from borrowing Granny’s tag and using it to get a more convenient parking space?  And are there enough of those stupid little blue people in wheelchairs painted in parking spaces? How heartbreaking to think you’ve finally found an empty space, but it ends up being handicap spot. 

I don’t want to seem awful, but has old age, senility and just plain stupidity become a valid handicap in this country? I’m sorry, but I have to say that whenever I get behind someone who is going 15 miles an hours in a 55 mile an hour zone they often have handicapped plates. Do handicaps and poor driving go hand in hand? Or perhaps laziness is a valid disability. For crying out loud, I’ve seen pictures of 175 year old blind people with one leg in third world countries hobbling along to get somewhere. Granted they probably don’t even own cars, but at least they still get around. Come on America, quit being lazy. Either you have an actual disability or you don’t. Let’s stop the fraudulent use of handicap plates and tags.

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