Size Really Does Matter.

I’m fairly short by today’s standards. At 5′ 2, aside from my mom, I’m the shortest member of my immediate family. I really don’t mind. Being petite can have its perks I suppose. Nice clothing selection. Cute little shoes. All the shallow and superficial reasons so common in today’s society. But there is something about being a short woman that really bugs me. Being short, female and single makes me a prime target for every short, single guy on the dating market.

Why do short guys naturally assume if a woman is short she’ll automatically be interested in him? Personally, I prefer a guy who’s taller than I am. I like the freedom of being able to wear a nice pair of spiky heels if I so desire. I hate having to confine my footwear to flip-flops and sneakers. Having my pants drag all over the floor because I can’t wear high-heels is a tad irritating. And, let’s face it. Who among us doesn’t do a double take and a head scratch when they see a tall woman out on the town with a short man?

I know a few short guys and they’re very nice, respectable gentlemen. They’re just too short for my taste. But when I try to let them down easy, making no reference to their height, they often still don’t get it. I really just want to say, “You’re too short for me”, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m not saying I constantly fight off hoards of little guys because this isn’t the case. But I do have to say I’m approached more often by guys under 5’7 than any other group of men. I’m sure it must be difficult for short men to meet women who are either shorter than they are or who just don’t mind dating a shorter guy. I’m sorry about that, I really am, but please don’t think we’re a match simply because we’re the same height.

5 thoughts on “Size Really Does Matter.

  1. You should be honest with these men about the way that you think. I guarantee that they will loose interest in you. Then your “problem” will be solved.

  2. I think telling someone that they’re “too short” to date might be just about as hurtful as telling them they’re “too ugly”. Although I privately feel that my date should be somewhat taller than I am, I am far too tactful to be so mean as to voice my opinion to an admirer. Trust me, I’ve never led anyone on and have made it clear I’m not interested, but it just doesn’t seem to dawn on these guys that it might just be their height that turns me off. Incidently, notsotall, I realize this is your second comment on this post, unfortunately I inadvertently deleted your first comment, but would welcome it if you re-sent it!

  3. OK, I didn’t save the original post but it went something like this:

    I’m an overweight guy who only likes trim, fit women. I’m nice to fat girls out of politeness, but I could never date one of them. Yet, they seem to think that that I will be more understanding of them due to my weight. Truth is; I don’t want to be seen with someone who is dumpy even though I myself carry a few extra pounds. I don’t want to say it to their faces because I have too much tact but, why won’t these women consider the fact that maybe I don’t like them because they are fat? I realize that it’s hard for fat women. That’s rough, but overweight women should not assume that they are a match for me just because I am overweight myself. Size really does matter.

    My point of writing that was just to reframe your complaint in a way that might illuminate how it isn’t a particularly sympathetic problem that you have there. Would a woman even remotely consider dating a man who made a statement like the one I wrote above? Not likely. He would rightfully be called a pig.
    If you’ve been in a caring relationship, then you have probably come to understand that far more important than height or body weight is the way a person thinks and communicates and their capacity to love and be generous. Perhaps these short guys think that you score high in this department in addition to being petite. But if you just share with these little guys what you shared with us, you will be doing them a huge favor in the long run. And don’t worry about hurting their feelings. They will get over you sooner than you think.

  4. I respect your point of view, notsotall, but, just as some gentlemen prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads, I prefer men who are taller than I. It’s nothing more than a personal preference.

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