10 Hypotheticals and What-If’s…


1. You’ve scratched someone’s car in the parking lot. Would you leave a note on the windshield or would you drive hastily away and hope no one saw you?

2. You’ve witnessed a co-worker stealing goods or money. Would you report the theft to a superior, speak privately to the co-worker or ignore it?

3. You’ve received too much change back from a cashier. Would you pocket the money and not say anything or would you bring it to the cashier’s attention?

4. You’re walking on the street and someone in front of you drops $20. Would you pick up the money and keep it or would you catch up to the person and return the money?

5. You abhor racism and prejudice. A friend or co-worker uses the ‘n’ word during a conversation with you. Do you tell him you’re offended by his racist comment or do you ignore it to avoid hard feelings?

6. You are friends with a couple. You’ve found out one spouse is cheating on the other spouse. Do you feel this is a private matter and keep quiet, do you approach the injured spouse and tell them about the infidelty, or tell the cheating spouse that the behavior is wrong and shouldn’t continue?

7. You’re friends with 2 mutual friends who are feuding. One friend insists on bad mouthing the other friend. Do you go along with and contribute to the gossip or do you tell them each to leave you out of their feud?

8. You’re in a foreign country and are invited to eat at the house of an acquaintance. The family is serving goat’s brain, which you’ve never had before and just the thought of eating it makes you sick. Do you decline your host’s hospitality and take a chance on insulting the family or do you eat the goats brain anyway and hope you can keep it down?

9. You’re browsing on an online dating service. You see the profile of a married friend. Do you let the friend know you’ve seen the profile and advise that it’s inappropriate, tell the friends spouse, or ignore it and mind your own business?

10. You’re driving in your neighborhood and hit a dog. Do you try to locate the owner of the dog and tell them what happened or do you drive away and leave the dog injured and laying there?

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