Forgetfulness Or Alzheimer’s Disease?

I’m forgetful sometimes. Okay I’m forgetful alot of the time. I’ve misplaced keys, walked from room to another and forgotten what I wanted in the first place, I’ve called my kids by their sibling’s names (what Mom doesn’t do that, unless you only have one kid you probably shouldn’t worry about that one), I even forgot I was scheduled to work one particular day and didn’t show up. My immediate thought is, Alzheimer’s Disease. It turns out I’m not alone in this line of thinking. But there are lots of reason why we get forgetful.

Stress can play a major factor in memory lapse. If you’re worried or preoccupied it becomes difficult to remember and concentrate on the little things.

Vitamin Deficiencies can also lead to temporary memory loss. Lacking certain vitamins in your diet can actually mimic the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Over-hydrating can have an impact on memory also. I drink alot of water, so naturally I pee alot, thus losing important vitamins and nutrients along the way.

Certain illnesses can also lead to forgetfulness. Lyme disease and thyroid problems are two biggies. If you seem more forgetful  than usual, ask to be tested for either of these diseases.

Unfortunately on the down-side forgetfulness can actually be a symptom of Alzheimer’s Disease. If someone is forgetting the names of their children or whether or not they’re married then something is wrong and they should be tested for the disease. But don’t automatically assume you’re in the early stages of Alzheimer’s just because you forget to pay a bill. Chances are it’s one of the reasons above. And, just for the record, I have three children and I am but one Mom so, as I often remind my laughing children, I’m bound to call one of them by the wrong name at least once in awhile.


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