Stop Stealing My Pictures!

Many of my posts have pictures included. Mostly as headers. My pictures are either photos I’ve personally taken or pictures I get from free photo/graphics sites. All photos on my blog either directly link to the site I’ve downloaded them from, or have the original site’s name placed prominently on the photo.

I realize people search for certain photos, and WordPress shows me what links have been clicked on on my blog. If the link is a photo it’ll show me that as well. People can also do a photo search which can lead them to my photos and drawings. So, I’m assuming some of my pictures are being downloaded. Now, of course I have no claim to any photos or graphics I’ve gotten from free sites, but I certainly have a claim to my own personal photos and drawings. I know I could very easily add a copywrite notice on my blog site, but, let’s face it, that’s still not going to stop someone from downloading my photos. How in the world would I ever know where my photos will end up being used? Unless I stumble upon one of my photos on one of the billions of websites out in cyberspace I’ll really never know if someone’s stolen one. And, yes, I call it stealing. I’ve taken those photos. Often those photos include members of my family. I don’t know where a picture of one of my children will end up. And what right does someone have to use my personal property for their own use? So stop stealing my pictures. Ahh. I feel much better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. 🙂

***This post (and all others, including those not published here) can be read on my new blogging site, Thanks for checking it out!


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