The Sex Offender Down The Lane

A convicted sex offender recently moved in down my street. I know this because both the local enforcement and the school system distribute flyers to all nearby residents whenever this becomes an issue. The flyers contain the offender’s name, address, age and the details of his arrest and conviction. It varies from neighbor to neighbor how they handle it. I know from neighborhood gossip everyone seems to have an opinion. It’s a small town afterall. Before I knew who the offender was and thought he was just another new neighbor I always waved to him when I walked or drove by. Now I find myself not knowing what to do.

I know most people will agree that sex offenders are the lowest of the low. Preying upon and violating innocent children is beyond comprehension. Offenders are cowards and, when sent to jail, are often the first inmates to be violated themselves by other prisoners. Even other inmates are repulsed by these animals. I have a daughter and if anyone ever so much as touched her in an inappropriate way I’d hunt him down and cut off his testicles. In fact, many people advocate the castration of these monsters.

People who commit crimes, are arrested, incarcerated, serve their time and are then released out into society just about everyday. They are left to live their lives. Some are rehabilitated. Some are not. Some go on to find jobs and live respective lives with their families. But sex offenders who are tried, convicted, serve time and are released can’t honestly say they’re allowed to live their lives privately. Most people argue that child molestors aren’t your typical criminal. I personally believe sexual predators can never be rehabilitated.  Their criminal records follow them around wherever they go. They’re made to continue to keep their information up to date on the sex offender’s registry. Their neighbors know who they are and what they’ve done. They’ve been beaten, had their houses burned and been run out of neighborhoods. No one wants a pedophile living nextdoor. Some say the treatment of molestors after they’ve served their jail time is unconstitutional. Some say it’s the only crime that a criminal will continue to pay for for the rest of his life. I say it’s common sense.

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