Happy Thanksgiving

Buried at Photocasket.com

Why do some people insist on calling Thanksgiving “turkey day”. We’re supposed to be giving thanks to each other, not thanks to our turkey. Or one of my other favorites is  “have a happy turkey day”. Does anyone really believe their turkey is happy?  It’s had its head chopped off, slaughtered, plucked and now sits on someone’s table waiting to be cut up. That wouldn’t make me too happy. Can we please call it Thanksgiving again? Stop trying to be cute and clever. Leave the unhappy turkey alone and thank each other instead.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. It’s OK to thank the turkey – showing gratitude for the turkey’s sacrifice seems appropriate. Showing gratitude for the whole ball of wax is appropriate – the food, the family, the togetherness. 🙂

  2. I feel sorry for Thanksgiving Day because it is ran over by Christmas-poor Holiday!

    Here is a chant for you:

    A turkey sat on a fence one day-and he began to saaaaaay
    I don’t like Thanksgiving Daaaaay!

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