Don’t Make Me Wear That Santa Hat!


I work for a major, world-wide retailer. I won’t mention any names, but it begins with a ‘W’. Now that the Christmas holidays are once again upon us I have to make a rather important decision. To wear a Santa hat or not to wear it. Why would I possibly want to make a moronic spectacle of myself and wear a dopey red hat with a pom-pom? The answer is I wouldn’t. However, it has become a “requirement” that all cashiers wear a Santa hat for the holidays. I suppose it’s meant to get customers in the Christmas spirit, thus fooling them into spending more money. But that’s just my theory.

First off, I’m not a Christian. Why would I want to wear anything that represents a Christian holiday? Does anyone expect cashiers to wear Yarmulkes during Passover? Has Christmas become so commercialized that the only symbol left is a stupid red fuzzy pair of pajamas with matching hat?

Last year I refused to wear the hat, even after being told by a manager it was “mandatory”. I told her I don’t celebrate the traditional Christmas holidays and she left me alone. Darn it, and I had a whole speech ready to recite. But, they actually sent some cashiers home for refusing to wear them. One girl was a Jehovah’s Witness. I’m pretty sure that’s coming pretty darn close to infringing on one’s right to express one’s own religious beliefs.

So, I must stick to my beliefs. I will once again refuse to wear the dreaded Santa hat. I’ll use my speech if I have to, which is basically that I don’t appreciate having my religious beliefs trampled on and I suggest that it end right there. Perhaps they’ll fire me and I can sue, make lots of money, write a book, Oprah will add me to her book list and then invite me on her show to discuss the Santa hat story.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Wear That Santa Hat!

  1. Well, if they fire you (which I hope won’t happen) you must definitely sue – the only weak leg of the argument might be that a santa hat has only very little to do with christianity – Saint Nicholas definitely didn’t wear the stupid hat and Father Christmas seems to be a fairly tale character.

    My mom also worked as a cashier and was forced to wear a stupid orange baseball cap – to me, this _is_ an infringement on one’s own concepts of dignity, even if no religion is involved.

  2. You are 100% correct Anaj! The week before Christmas begins the Santa Wearing Hat week and I’ve decided I will not wear the hat. I will stick to my beliefs and views on the holiday. Thanks so much for your comment!

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